Yes, you can give your grandma COVID-19 even if you don’t feel sick!

Even if you don’t feel sick, you might still have COVID-19. People who do not have symptoms MIGHT be uninfected; or they might be or be infected and not have symptoms yet; or they might be infected and never have symptoms. Because it is impossible to tell if you do (or do not) have COVID-19 without a laboratory test, everyone should continue to practice social distancing and hand hygiene regardless of whether or not they have symptoms.

Younger people who feel “fine” or have very mild symptoms CAN STILL pass COVID-19 to others without realizing it. A new report from the CDC shows that 80% of deaths in the U.S. have been among people aged 65 and older. Additionally, many people younger than 65 have chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure and asthma that place them at higher risk of severe disease.  So, when people of all ages who feel “fine” go to concerts and bars, or visit their friends or grandparents, they put everyone at risk! Protect your grandma (and your friend with asthma)--practice social distancing.

Last updated 3/18/2020 at 9pm
Science reviewed by ERS, JAB