Yes, you can go on a walk!

Yes, as long as your local government has said it’s OK, it’s safe to go for a walk or run outdoors! If your new stay-at-home schedule has you stir crazy, here are some ways to be safe when you go outside.

First, don’t go outside if you have symptoms or have recently been sick. Yes, that means even if you just have a cough and no fever

Second, social distancing still applies--you should remain 6 feet away from other people no matter what. That means you shouldn’t play sports where you have be close to other people, like basketball or football.

Third, avoid crowds! If you see a group of people in the park, stay away. Consider walks or hikes on trails that are more open so that you can stay far enough away from others. Do you live near a National Park? The National Park Service is temporarily suspending entrance fees to parks that remain open. So take a (socially distanced) hike! 

Last updated March 30, 2020 at 3:53pm ET
Science review: JAB, ERS