Why are we still doing case investigation?

The introduction of several effective vaccines against COVID-19 have given us a powerful tool for ending the pandemic. So why are we still conducting case investigations and contact tracing?

Case investigations and contact tracing are useful during all stages of an outbreak or pandemic.  They help us determine how outbreaks start, how large they become, who is most likely to get sick, and how sick people get. 

It’s still important to track this kind of information after vaccines have been introduced. Conducting case investigations can help:

  • Find neighborhoods or groups of people that are still at risk for COVID-19.
  • Get updated information out to people who need it.
  • Keep unvaccinated people safe by making them aware of their exposure to COVID-19 through contact tracing.

Case investigation and contact tracing are still useful tools in fighting the pandemic. So help keep yourself and your family safe, and pick up the phone if a contact tracer calls.

Last update: May 7, 2021, 09:00am ET

Science review: JAB, GSN