What is the plan for reopening and what does it mean for me?

A number of different plans from public health institutions lay out what should happen before we begin any phased reopening. And the White House has issued guidance for phased relaxing of social distancing measures. The federal plan has three recommended phases, and those are described in the table below. 

What do you need to do?

First, plans for each state and city might vary from the federal guidelines, so it is critical to check with your local authorities for specific information and instructions.

Then, you should keep taking hygienic precautions, including washing your hands, disinfecting surfaces, and not touching your face. The CDC also recommends that you continue to wear a cloth face covering when you are in crowded public places and when using mass transit. Everyone should still maintain physical distancing, and if you are sick, you should stay home.

What about vulnerable people?

Vulnerable people include the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions. These individuals should stay at home during phases one and two. 

This table provides a simplified summary of what happens in each phase, based on the CDC’s initiatives in support of the White House’s plan for Opening Up America Again.

Last update: May 22nd, 2020, 4:00 pm ET

Science review: AN, ERS