Runners and bikers need their space!

Yes, it’s ok to run outside, but you should give runners and bikers more space. A simulation study showed that droplets from runners might trail behind them for more than the usual 6 feet. It doesn’t prove that you can catch the novel coronavirus while exercising near someone outdoors. And the study was not published in a scientific journal, so the results should be considered preliminary. 

But here are some easy ways to reduce your risk of getting sick.

  1. Increase your distance from others to a minimum of 12-15 feet if running or walking and 50-65 feet if biking. In general, maintain as much distance as possible.  Cross the street, step off the path, or choose an alternate route if you are approaching another exerciser.
  2. Choose routes that are not overly crowded or exercise at times where usage of the sidewalks, paths, or trails are limited.
  3. Do not run or ride directly behind someone. If you need to pass, then approach diagonally and make a wide arc when passing.
  4. Bring a cloth face covering with you (or wear one if required by local authorities) so that you can pull it up if you cannot avoid passing close to or directly behind another person.


Last updated: April 16th, 20202, at 11:40 pm ET
Science review: JAB, ERS