Should I self-quarantine before Christmas?

Unfortunately, the best way to keep yourself and your family safe for the holidays is to visit via Zoom! But if you’ve decided to travel to visit friends or family, self-quarantining is one way to reduce your risk of bringing COVID with you. Doctors recommend self-quarantining for two weeks before you gather.

How to quarantine correctly?
A strict self-quarantine means that you:

  • don’t see people outside of your household,
  • don’t use public transportation (e.g. trains, planes),
  • don't eat at restaurants,
  • don't run errands (e.g. hardware store, nail salon, coffee shop).

What can you do while self-quarantining?
During a strict self-quarantine you CAN go for walks or runs outside in uncrowded areas, order food delivery, and watch too much Netflix.

You can catch and spread the novel coronavirus without ever getting symptoms. A proper self-quarantine makes it less likely that you will carry the coronavirus to your loved ones.


Last update: December 11, 202, 6:15 pm ET
Science review: JAB