What can I do about pandemic fatigue?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for months now. You’re probably exhausted with all of the changes. Maybe you’re tired of wearing a mask, miss seeing your friends, or haven’t been able to enjoy some of your favorite activities. You might be thinking: “I haven’t gotten sick so far, so how careful do I really need to be?”. This is called pandemic fatigue. But the pandemic is far from over. And it’s more important than ever to keep up with CDC guidelines intended to keep us safe. But it’s also really important to do safe activities that help you feel normal!

Combat pandemic fatigue by doing safe activities that you enjoy

The amount of risk in an activity is determined by “People, Place, Time, Space”. Fewer people, less time, maintaining distance, and being outside will all reduce your risk. Keep these rules in mind when planning activities. 

If you’re tired of wearing a mask, find some activities that you can do safely mask-free.

Maybe you’ve put down some hobbies you used to enjoy, like music, or arts and crafts. Now is a great time to pick up old hobbies, or try something new. Things that you can do at home are safest. But you can also do some outdoor activities as well. Find an outdoor yoga or fitness class, go on a picnic, or take a hike. 

If you miss your friends, here are some ways you can see them safely.

Remember that online is going to be the safest option of all if you want to see your friends. But if you are simply dying to see someone in person, plan a visit that is outdoors, wear a mask, keep a safe distance, and keep the size of the group small. 

We are all in this together. What we do matters!

We all want to feel normal again. It’s really important to do things that help keep us from getting too exhausted with all of the restrictions. So find the things you enjoy the most, and figure out how to do them as safely as possible!


Last update: November 13, 2020, 6:08 pm ET

Science review: ERS