I’m pregnant, will COVID-19 make me or my baby sick?

This is a new virus, so the information about pregnancy and COVID-19 is limited. There have been few cases reported in the medical literature, so much of the guidance is taken from similar infections, rather than from experience with COVID-19 itself. Because infections caused by viruses in the same family—as well as other illnesses like flu—can be more severe in pregnant women, they are considered high-risk. However, we don’t know yet what the effect of COVID-19 is in pregnancy.

The limited data that we have from pregnant women with COVID-19 is from their second and third trimesters. Many of these mothers had premature deliveries, but it is unclear whether this was caused by their illness. None of the babies born to women with COVID-19 tested positive for the virus. We do not yet have enough information to say whether there are lasting effects on babies born to women with COVID-19. If you are pregnant, it is worthwhile to take all precautions to avoid getting sick (e.g., work from home if you can, avoid public spaces and sick people, and wash your hands often).