How long will vaccine immunity last?

The COVID vaccines currently available, Pfizer and Moderna, require two doses 21 and 28 days apart. The first dose is known as the priming dose, which prepares your immune system to recognize the virus. After the second dose, also known as the booster dose, your body responds more vigorously with antibodies and generates longer-term protection against the virus. In studies, Pfizer’s vaccine was 52% effective after the first shot and 95% effective after the second one.

When someone gets sick with COVID and develops antibodies, we call that natural immunity. The extent of natural immunity after COVID is not yet fully known, but has waned after 6-12 months in other similar coronaviruses. 

However, early data shows that the available COVID vaccines create more antibodies for a longer period of time than natural immunity. After getting the Moderna vaccine, serum antibodies were detected in all the study participants after 4 months at higher levels than in people who had gotten COVID. Based on this, scientists think immunity from vaccines to last at least as long if not longer than natural immunity.


Last update: January 28, 2021 08:15PM
Science review: GSN, JAB