How can I celebrate Valentine’s Day safely?

It’s Valentine’s Day! But if you are thinking of celebrating by going out to your favorite restaurant, you may want to reconsider. Indoor dining is still a high-risk activity. In a recent report, people who tested positive for COVID were more than twice as likely as people who tested negative to have dined at a restaurant. 

COVID-19 is a terrible Valentine’s Day gift

Cases of COVID-19 have been falling. This is great news! But the absolute number of cases remains very high in most places. And the only way to keep this trend going is to keep doing everything we can to reduce our risk of getting sick. 

The safest way to support your favorite restaurant is to get your meal to-go or delivered.  Outdoor dining is somewhat risky. But indoor dining is the highest risk.

Get creative to celebrate Valentine’s Day safely

You’ve probably gotten tired of eating at home. Restaurants are a fun way to celebrate a special day. But finding a way to enjoy your day safely is still important. Get creative! Find some of your favorite activities, and get your favorite foods to go. Watch a movie, go for a hike, or do a fun project. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about finding ways to show how much you care about others. There’s no better way to show you care than to put their safety first.

Last update: February 12, 2021, 6:58pm ET

Science review: ERS, JAB