CDC report shows young adults susceptible to severe COVID-19.

The CDC released its first preliminary report this week on the 2,449 COVID-19 cases, identified since March 16th, within the U.S. The analysis included only people whose age was reported to the CDC. And the report excluded people who were infected in Wuhan, China or in Japan, as well as people who were infected on cruise ships.

Among the confirmed cases, about one-third were those aged 20-44 years old and one-third were those aged 45-64 years old, making up the largest age groups of those infected (Figure below). While this partly reflects the fact that people aged 20-64 account for about two-thirds of the american population, it also illustrates that adults of any age can become sick with COVID-19. Furthermore, 20% of hospitalizations occurred in people between the ages of 20 and 44 years old.

Confirming reports from other other countries, the new data shows that kids and adolescents (people less than 20 years old) can become sick with COVID-19, although they accounted for about 5% of the reported cases. So far, there have been no reported ICU admissions or deaths among kids or teenagers.

Although younger adults made up the largest groups of confirmed cases, people aged 65 and older accounted for half of all COVID-19 cases requiring hospitalization or intensive care. The likelihood that a confirmed case of COVID-19 required hospitalization increased with age. About 14-21% of people aged 20-44 required hospitalization, while 31-70% of people aged 85 or older ended up in the hospital (Figure below). Older adults (>65 years old) accounted for 80% of deaths.

Unfortunately, this new report of U.S. data shows that adults of ANY AGE can get very sick or even die as a result of COVID-19. So protect yourself and your family - stay home and maintain good hand hygiene!