Can I visit my mom for Mother’s Day?

No, it’s really not safe. People without symptoms may still be infected with the novel coronavirus. People who are infected and not showing symptoms can still spread COVID-19. Everyone should continue to practice social distancing, even on Mother’s Day, to avoid spreading illness

Here are some ideas to help you show mom some love this weekend:

  • Organize a family video chat so that everyone can celebrate her together.
  • Arrange for contact-free delivery of gifts or food.
  • Put together a car parade, make some fun signs, and cruise past mom’s house.
  • Decorate her door or front porch.

If you really need to see mom in person, then you should make sure that everyone wears cloth face coverings and stays at least 6 feet apart. We know you’ll want to give mom a hug, but don’t. You don’t want to risk infecting her with the novel coronavirus. 

So show mom your love and appreciation this weekend, but do it safely.

Last update:  May 6, 2020, 12:00 PM
Science reviewed by: ERS, JAB