Can I go to the beach?

Although summer is starting to wind down, there’s still plenty of time left to hit the beach. But is it safe? The good news is you can be safe at the beach this summer - as long as you take a few precautions.

Being outdoors is safer than being indoors

We know the virus spreads more easily indoors. Based on how the virus spreads and recurring superspreader events, you can see why being indoors increases risk. Being outdoors while enjoying the sun and sand is a safer option.

Distance still matters

Keeping space from your neighbors helps reduce your risk, even outside. Set yourself up away from other folks, and consider visiting at less popular times to avoid big crowds. Try less crowded beaches - and discover a new place!

Make it a day trip, if you can

Hotels offer additional risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you live close enough, consider making your visit a day trip. But if you need to stay in a hotel, just keep your distance from staff and other guests and wear a mask in lobbies and elevators.

Bring your own food or get take-out

Eating in restaurants is riskier than eating outdoors or getting takeout. Bringing your own food will be the safest way to eat while at the beach. Practice good hand hygiene when you eat.

A trip to the beach can not only be safe, it might just be what the doctor ordered to get away during these difficult times. 


Last update: August  18, 2020, 8:38 am ET

Science review: GA, ERS, JAB